What is an Omni-Directional Vehicle?

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The ODV Corporation

This remarkably versatile vehicle design is unlike any other and is adaptable over a wide range of industrial applications. The ODV is based on a round chassis with a 360 degree radial hitch making it capable of moving in all directions from a point and has been marketed as the ODV (Omni Directional Vehicle). Vehicles are scalable in size and may be configured to tow very heavy loads in all terrains including hard surfaces, snow, unimproved roads, and off-road applications such as highway right-of-way mowers that are impossible to overturn.

Unique design and operating characteristics produce equipment that is unparalleled in performance and safety. There has been commercial success in aircraft handling, ground support, heavy manufacturing and military markets such as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and Boeing Airplane manufacturing. Designs cover engine, and electric power with extensive engineering in support of product manufacturing. Unlike most commercial material handling technology, the ODV offers innovative stand-alone performance protected by extensive U.S. and foreign patents.

The G Series

Rated by total load capacity, the G Series tractors are designed to cover aviation towing and material handling applications up through 120,000 pounds. Available units are the G-18 (18,000 pounds), the G-30 (30,000 pounds), the G-60 (60,000 pounds), the G-90 (90,000 pounds) and the G-120 (120,000 pounds). All models utilize the Hammonds’ patented radial hitch which enables them to maneuver and precisely manipulate loads like no other vehicle. The ODV can move in any radial direction from a fixed point and rotate 360° without moving from that spot. The radial hitch provides smooth, precise control in a fraction of the space required by conventional tractors.

The SP Series

The SP Series are snow plows and so much more. With handy and versatile attachments, both units become blowers, vacuums, mowers and brooms. The SP-25 is the smaller version and was designed specifically for sidewalks, pedestrian areas, and parking lots. The larger version, the SP-42 was designed for driveways, cul-desacs and larger parking lots. Both units have the omnidirectional capabilities of ODV’s and they both can operate in small, tight areas with ease.