ODV For Security Vehicles

A mobile command station that fits every patrol or surveillance situation.

The ODV Eagle represents an entirely new class of patrol and surveillance vehicle. Designed around the patented Omni Directional Vehicle chassis, the Eagle makes it possible to maneuver in crowded pedestrian areas, city sidewalks, parking lots, terminal buildings and streets in year around climate controlled comfort. The driver sits high above the crowd and most vehicles and is provided a panoramic view at the touch of a control. Since the ODV Eagle can move in any direction from a single point, it is never necessary to back up or look over your shoulder. Available with extra electrical capacity to power radios and other electronic equipment, the Eagle can function as a mobile command station for hours providing the officer with protection from the elements and the bad guys. Only 60” wide, the Eagle can fit in most any patrol or surveillance environment providing the agility of an officer on foot with the protection and comfort of a full-size police cruiser. The Eagle is available with gasoline, LPG or diesel engines. Electric power with fast charge capability for indoor use is also available.


  • Choice of engine or electric drive
  • Dual hydrostatic drive
  • Dual or Single lever full function control
  • Custom all weather cab
  • Tinted windows
  • AC/heat/defroster
  • Windshield wipers
  • Rotating beacon
  • Flood lights–front
  • Audible alarm
  • Horn
  • 50 amp, 12 volt system
  • AM/FM CD radio
  • Dome light
  • Fire extinguisher


  • 35 HP gasoline engine, water cooled
  • 200 amp hour 12 volt battery
  • Maximum speed: 12 mph
  • 18 gallon fuel tank (8 hours running time)
  • 8 x 12 x 23 main tires
  • 8” solid rubber casters front and rear
  • Front adjustable suspension
  • Weight: 2,500 lbs.


  • Electric or choice of engine power
  • Bullet proof glass
  • Special lighting