ODV For Commercial and Military Aircraft

Towing Army Helicopter

Towing Army Helicopter

Towing DC-9 Aircraft

Exclusive rotary hitch and four in one versatility make this tractor unique.

An Omni Directional Vehicle (ODV) represents the first major innovation in ground support vehicles in fifty years. Rated by total load capacity, the G Series tractors are designed to cover avaiation towing applications up through 90,000 pounds. All four models utilize the Hammonds’ patented radial hitch which enables the tractors to maneuver and precisely manipulate aircraft like no other concept. Having omni directional capability, the ODV can move in any radial direction from a fixed point and rotate 360° without moving from that spot. Attached to an aircraft through the radial hitch, an ODV provides smooth, precise control in a fraction of the space required by traditional tractors.

4 in 1 versatility

Hammonds offers the industry’s only tractor capable of performing four major ramp functions. Quick-change attachments converts the ODV into a versatile tow bar tractor, a towbarless tractor, snow plow or rotary broom.

More efficient

Never having to make needless maneuvers or large steering arcs saves time, stress and wear on eqipment, aircraft and personnel. Requiring only the area it occupies to maneuver in any direction, an ODV eliminates lost motion required by conventional four wheel vehicles. An ODV makes awkward positions a thing of the past.

The exclusive rotary hitch...

Every ODV has a circular hitch that completes an outer ring around the tractor. A Pintle connection can be rotated and locked at either the front or rear of the tractor. In addition, the hitch can rotate freely around the entire circumference making it possible to position the tractor drive wheels relative to the object being handled with surgical precision. Packing a hanger takes on a whole new meaning with an ODV. More aircraft safely stored in less space means more revenue.

ODVs for Aircraft In Action

ODV for Military Aircraft

ODV for Commercial Aircraft

ODV G90E Boeing SC


The U.S. Air Force

  • Air Service and Material Handling


787 Dreamliner Production Floor

  • ODV’s aide in the building of the 787 Dreamliner


Towing capacity: 18,000 lbs. 30,000 lbs. 60,000 lbs. 90,000 lbs.
Draw bar reqd.
@ max GVW*:
-- 1,334 lbs. 2,638 lbs. 3,924 lbs.
Max draw bar available: 1,500 lbs 2,686 lbs 4,052 lbs. 5,822 lbs.
Vehicle weight: 3,200 lbs 5,300 lbs. 9,200 lbs. 12,000 lbs.
Overall height: 50” 50” 50" 57"
Overall width: 80” 85” 85" 85"
Track width: 53” 43” 43" 43"
Transport speed: 8 mph 8 mph 8 mph 5 mph
Towing speed: 5 mph 5 mph 5 mph 3 mph
Engine: 2 cyl. gas 3 cyl. diesel 4 cyl. diesel 4 cyl. diesel
Horsepower: 25 HP 34 HP 45 HP 45 HP
Fuel capacity: 6 Gallons 12 Gallons 12 Gallons 12 Gallons
Hydraulic fluid: 5 Gallons 10 Gallons 10 Gallons 10 Gallons
Drive wheels: 8 x 18” x 22 12 x 16.5” x 36 12 x 16.5” x 36 12 x 16.5” x 36
Caster wheels: 8" 8” 8” 8”
Standard Features G-18  G-30  G-60  G-90
Hydrostatic drive: Standard Standard Standard Standard
Parking brake*: External drum Internal mechanical Internal mechanical Internal mechanical
Rotating beacon: Standard Standard Standard Standard
Head flood lights: Standard Standard Standard Standard
Horn: Standard Standard Standard Standard
Electrical system: 12 VDC 12 VDC 12 VDC 12 VDC
Starting battery: 300ah 600ah 600ah 600ah
Towing connections: Pintle with rotary hitch Pintle with rotary hitch Pintle with rotary hitch Pintle with rotary hitch
Standard color: Red/gray Red/gray Red/gray Red/gray
Options G-18 G-30 G-60 G-90
Electric drive: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Urathane filled wheels: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cab enclosure: N/A Yes Yes Yes
Snow plow: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rotary broom: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alternative fuels: LPG LPG/natural gas LPG/natural gas LPG/natural gas
Towbarless attachment: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear flood lights: Yes Yes Yes Yes