Water Systems - Synchroblend

  • Micro-Precision Metering
  • Zero Shear Delivery
  • Infinite Turn-Down
  • CNC Controls
  • Electric/Gas/Fluid Power
  • 0-10,000 PSI
  • Most Viscosities
  • Polymer Friendly

Recently the Hammonds Companies received a United States patent covering a uniquely designed metering pump (“SyncroBlend®”) capable of delivering a constant rate of delivery for a wide range of fluids, over a wide range of viscosities, at infinitely variable delivery rates. The dramatic difference in the new SyncroBlend® design is the use of mechanically operated valves, and computer numeric controls (CNC), which permit operation over a much greater range of flow and working pressures. Simply put, there is no other pumping technology capable of delivering the performance of this new pump. The new pump technology consists of twin chambers with a metering pump in each one. While one chamber is replenishing the additive supply, the other chamber is delivering the additive. When the additive delivery is complete in one chamber, the other chamber takes over the injection process and the previous chamber refills with additive, thereby delivering a constant, precise and consistent additive delivery.

The SynchroBlend® pump can deliver additives with vicosities as low as polymers up to additives with very viscous properties–all at a constant and precise rate of delivery.