Water Systems - Portable Disinfection

System Description
Temporary disinfection often requires an expensive and cumbersome process. Most of the equipment used for water main disinfection as well as hydrant dechlorination is less than adequate to do the job effectively. The Hammonds portable disinfection unit offers a convenient and mobile system to inject and thoroughly blend bleach or other water treatment chemicals. The system does not require external electricity but rather is powered by the flow of water through the Hammonds fluid motor. The system comes ready for immediate use. With Camlocks in and out, a 10 gallon chemical tank, and adjustable dosing pump, temporary disinfection and dechlorination has never been easier



  • Number of chemicals injected
       (1) standard
       (2) optional
  • Normal Operating Range: 150-750 gpm
  • Minimum Flow Rate: 100 gpm
  • Maximum Injection Pressure: 100 PSI
  • Injection Ratios: 0-2200 ppm
  • Inlet and Outlet Connections
       4” Female Cam-lock connections
  • Duty Cycle: Intermittent– continuous
  • Spill containment basin
  • Fluid Motor
  • Two Independently adjustable pumps


  • Cart: Carbon steel
  • Tank: 10 Gallon Polyethylene
  • Injector: PVC ( all wetted parts)
  • Turbine: Carbon steel (epoxy coated)
  • Mechanical Seal: Carbon on ceramic
  • Turbine Housing: Carbon steel
  • Wheeled cart with semi-pneumatic tires
  • Pull handle with front swivel castor for maneuverability
  • Parking brake