ODV For Commercial and Military Aircraft

Industrial Material Handling | Forklifts | Freight Trailer Mules | Snow Removal | Aviation Ground Support | Aircraft Handling | Highway Construction | People Movers | Security Vehicles | Military Munition Handling | Highway Right of Way Mowers


The U.S. Air Force

  • Air Service and Material Handling

ODV Security Vehicles

  • Police and Security Companies
  • Air Conditioned, heated cabs provide year round comfort
  • Crowd control
  • Patrolling
  • Police presence


787 Dreamliner Production Floor

  • ODV’s aide in the building of the 787 Dreamliner

ODV for Snow Removal

  • User friendly controls
  • Hydraulic PTO’s
  • Quick change accessories
  • Efficient Yanmar diesel
  • All weather, heated cab

ODV Aircraft Towing

Towing Army Helicopter

Towing Army Helicopter

Towing DC-9 Aircraft

Manufacturing Plans and Patents

Patented Technology to Impact 10 Major Industries

The ODV Fork Lift

Omni-directional fork lift highly maneuverable in tight spaces.

Elevating Command Post

Security Vehicle Panoramic view at up to16 feet above ground. Holds three officers.

The People Mover

Omni-directional unit people transporter. Great for shopping malls, airports, etc.

Munitions Loader

Omni-directional tractor handles munitions with digital accuracy.

ODV Material Handling

G-18 at Warner Robins

ODV Yard Tractor

U.S. Air Force Aircraft Maintenance

ODV Sorting Tractor

Boeing Electric ODV