ODV Accessories

A dramatic innovation in ground support equipment

The Omni Directional Vehicle Transporter, or ODAT for short, represents a dramatic breakthrough in ground support equipment. The ODAT is an aircraft transporter, and is an accessory that can be utilized with any of the standard Hammonds ODV G30-90 series tractors. It is designed to pull or push an aircraft weighing from 30,000 - 90,000 pounds. Attached to the Hammonds ODV G Series tractor with a two-point gimbal mount, the ODAT can be controlled and manipulated by the ODV tractor just like a towbar. Our exclusive rotary hitch makes it possible to position the transporter with surgical precision handling any general aviation aircraft from light twins to the heaviest twin jets including regional jets.


  • Dual point gimbal mount
  • All hydraulic operation
  • Pressure sensitive failsafe chock limits
  • Manual telescoping frame
  • Manual jack for ODAT connection
  • “Power Jog” left to right pivots ODAT from ODV
  • Dual 910 Ahr @ 32° 12 VDC batteries
  • Single motor, custom hydraulic system with manual valve override and hand operated pump
  • Positive transport lift lock
  • Docking lights
  • Single color polyurethane finish


  • Tractor specifications: See G Series specifications
  • Overall width: 91”
  • Overall length: (retracted (200”) (extended) 242”
  • Overall height ODAT to aircraft components: 17.5”
  • Overall tractor height: 62.5” (top of seat)
  • Distance from operators seat to center of gear: (retracted 121”) (extended 163.5”)
  • Maximum gear width clearance: 24.75”
  • Maximum gear wheel diameter: 26”
  • Mimimum gear wheel diameter 18”
  • Ground clearance below chocks: .5”
  • Ground clearance below ODAT frame: 3.5”
  • Transport lift height: 6”
  • Standard transporter lift capacity: 6,000 lbs.
  • Optional transporter lift capacity: 2,000 lbs.
  • Electric hydraulic system: 12 VDC
  • Batteries: Two (2)
  • Transporter weight: 5,500 lbs.


  • Power telescopic extension
  • Power jack for uncoupling ODAT
  • On-board charging system
  • Jump seats
  • High capacity lifting
  • Custom paint scheme