The Fuel Jack® is an electronic additive injection system that combines precise fuel additive delivery and blending with vehicle data logging and reporting. The system can report real-time engine conditions from the ECM (engine control module) or take a periodic “snap shot” of the ECM data providing not only fuel asset management, but also vehicle performance and needed maintenance info. This information can be accessed via wifi or the cellular network.

  • Reports on vehicle ECM data
  • Dispenses precise additive amount
  • Reports data on fuel transactions
  • Controls and manages fuel assets
  • Single unitized aluminum enclosure houses all components
  • 6 gallon aluminum additive reservoir
  • Heavy-duty mounting plate with Unistrut® rails and J bolt frame mounting on vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Dual additive pumps, one for each tank
  • Altitude-compensated level measurement for two fuel tanks and additive reservoir
  • Serviceable additive suction strainer
  • PC-based digital controller with level monitoring of two fuel tanks and one additive reservoir
  • Automatic recording of each fueling event with date, time, fuel volume, additivevolume and remaining additive reservoir level
  • 10 button keypad for input data
  • LCD display
  • Manual data point for thumb drive or serial port download of saved data
  • Level/vent/injection ports for two fuel tanks
  • Installation tubing and fittings
  • J bolt mounting kit for vertical frame rail mounting
  • Wireless Wi-Fi communication
  • Verizon cell card for auto reporting (cell contract not included
  • ECM engine monitoring
  • GPS location reporting
  • Paper printer report of each fueling event
  • Weatherproof enclosure for paper printer
  • External function pilot lights
  • Continuous, real time fuel tank level reporting
  • Solar power system with storage battery and auto charge
  • Custom powder coating
  • Additive reservoir insulation
  • Additive reservoir heating: 80 Watt 12 VDC with solid state thermostat
  • Electronics heater for sub-zero operating temperature
(Drawing Above Is Modifiable Per Your Installation)