35 years and over 11,000 injectors makes you pretty confident

...so confident, that Hammonds is offering the first bumper-to-bumper, flange-to-flange, all inclusive 3-year warranty for additive systems; and if that’s not enough, it can be extended indefinitely! All you have to do is operate any Hammonds fluid-powered system within advertised limits, perform the recommended yearly maintenance, and you’re covered...completely covered.

But here’s the best news. Even your old Hammonds system, including the first one we ever delivered, can be qualified for this new warranty. Allow our factory-trained personnel to remanufacture your system to “zero-time” specifications. Your old unit, regardless of age will be certified with a 3-year warranty, extendible for life. The industry’s best warranty.

Fluid Powered, Flange to Flange,

The best fuel treatment system in the world with the WORLD'S BEST WARRANTY

You can browse our website for listing of systems covered.