Portable single additive injection with single point inlet and outlet connection designed specifically for Private / Business / Helicopter aviation applications. The SPI Single-Point injector brings precision blended fuel to the end of your fueling hose, anywhere, anytime. This suitcase- sized portable device can be connected to any aircraft with a standard single-point fueling receptacle providing the same accurate, automatic blending of additives as permanently installed truck and cabinet systems.

  • Accurate, automatic additive blending
  • Lightweight, easy to use in its design application scope
  • Installs in minutes
  • Fits any single-point receptacle
  • Requires no outside power source
  • Designed for low flow applications (20-125 GPM)
  • Perfect for Private / Business / Helicopter Operations
  • This injector IS NOT TO BE USED in high volume Commercial applications
  • Single-point nozzle with On/Off valve
  • Single-point receptacle for connection to fuel hoses
  • Adjustable positive displacement injection pump
  • On/Off valve
  • Estimated weight: 43 lbs.
  • Flow Rate: 20-125 GPM

Benefits of an SPI:

  • Extremely portable
  • Can be carried on the aircraft
  • Can be packed into its own storage case for storage
  • Blends additives proportionately just like larger Hammonds injector systems
  • Allows additive treatments on demand when away from home base
  • Comes standard with its own storage case measuring 32” x 21” x 12.5” high

Limitations of an SPI:

  • System has a limited operating flow range 20 – 125 GPM
  • Unit must be primed and calibrated before each use
  • Residual fuel should be drained from the injector after use
  • Unit can be difficult to prime if the operator is not familiar with the system
  • Operator must store additive in the aircraft appropriately
  • Depending upon fuel inlet connection position on the aircraft, additional supports might be required to support the 40+ pound weight when mounted in the horizontal position (vertical mounting where the system can hang from the fuel inlet connection is preferred)
  • Remote additive feed connection with dry-break connections
  • 5 SF adapter for connection to 5-gallon additive cans, ¾” MNPT threads
  • Custom Pelican® case with wheels and handle
  • Also available in straight or 45° housing
(Drawing Above Is Modifiable Per Your Installation)

Additional Photos of SPI Single-Point Injector

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