The PHC1 Portable Hand Cart is a cost effective and portable additive injection cart ideal for small, low volume fueling of Private / Corporate / Helicopter operators that can’t justify fixed systems or those operators that need to periodically treat their fuel.

  • Easy and portable
  • Single-point or over-wing
  • Accurate additive dosage
  • Thorough, complete blending
  • Lightweight with easy connections
  • Deigned for low flow applications (35-250 GPM)
  • Perfect for Private / Business / Helicopter Operations
  • Hammonds Model 600 fluid-power injector
  • 5 SF 5 gallon pail adapter with on/off valve and dessicant dryer
  • 10 foot 1½” fuel hose
  • OPW 1½” Model 295 over-wing nozzle with duckbill
  • Single-point inlet connection
  • Static grounding reel and cable
  • Hose storage
  • Four-wheel cart for hand transport
  • All stainless steel additive fittings and braided hose to container with dry-break connection
  • Single-point nozzle
  • 2” hose
  • Additive meter with digital readout and totalizer
  • Suction calibration gauge
  • Model 150 or Model 800 injectors available (Model 600 shown here)
(Drawing Above Is Modifiable Per Your Installation)