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Custom Engineered

Custom Engineered Fluid Powered Additive Injectors

Building on the success of our positive displacement fluid powered injection system, Hammonds introduces custom engineered systems.

Members of the Hammonds family of positive displacement fluid motors, our custom engineered systems are designed by our engineering staff, to your specifications. They are simply put, larger versions of the popular model 800.

Operating in flow conditions up to 11,400 barrels per hour (8,000 gpm), these systems offer precision injection of additives in bulk terminals and pipeline applications. With the available horsepower delivered y this type of unit, injection is easily possible at pressures up to 100 PSI and at volumes from .5 to 4000 PPM.

Totally Unassisted Injection
Passive operation means they automatically operate when the rest of the system operates. There is no need to remember to turn the injector on or off. When connected to a system, it "remembers" when to run, how much to run and when to stop. The operator has nothing to remember, nothing to adjust, nothing to forget.

Guaranteed Precision Blending
Unlike some systems that inject large slugs into the product at metered intervals, the Hammonds injector continuously dispenses a precise measured amount of additive that matches the existing flow rate. There are no gaps in the injection process. Since the injection point is upstream of the fluid motor, thorough blending of product and additive is achieved.

Installation is Simple and Economical
With a Hammonds system, there is only one simple mechanical pipe connection. No wiring in hazardous conditions, additional equipment, or costly site engineering to lay out pipes, conduits, pumps or skids. In most cases, a system can be ordered that will "drop in" to your existing piping, requiring very little on-site preparation.

Completely Self Contained Units
The efficient Hammonds fluid powered motor "borrows" just enough energy from the flowing product line to operate Hammonds fluid injector pumps. There is no need for an external power source.

Precision Injection
Hammonds has mastered low ration injection--With exact proportion-to-flow response over the range of operation, providing superior accuracy. This permits injection of concentrated additives, which results in the elimination of large volumes of additive or additional storage tanks.


Model Product Flow Range
PPM Injection
Product Piping Size
1400 425-2,140 / 300-1,500 .5 - 4000 PPM 8"
1600 700-2,850 / 500-2,000 .5 - 3000 PPM 8" - 12"
2000 850-5,700 / 600-4,000 .5 - 3000 PPM 8" - 12"
2400 1,400-11,400 / 1,000-8,000 .5 - 2000 PPM 10" - 20"

Number of Additives: Up to Sixteen

Injection Rations: .5 - 4000 PPM

Minimum Injection Ratio: <1 PPM

Materials of Construction:
Housing: Steel
Additive Injector: Wetted Parts 300 Series Stainless Steel

Elastomers: Viton, Teflon, Neoprene
Mechanical Seal: Carbon on Ceramic & Carbon on Tungsten Carbide

Products Handled: Fuels, Oils, Chemicals

Normal Operating Ranges: 0 - 14,000 BPH (Different models have varying max flow rates)

Minimum Production Flow Rate: 400 BPH (Model 1400)

Maximum Product Temperature: 250°F

Maximu Product Line Pressure: 1000 PSI (PSI Capacity varies with injection ratio)

Duty Cycle: Intermittent-Contiuous

Additive injector operation may be controlled by standard manual controls or remotely with optional equipment.

Additive Supply
Additive supply should provie injector with a minimum of 1.5 times required injection rate.

Ratio Stability At Low Flows
Even if startup and shutdown flow rates are below stated minimums, unit can be calibrated to maintain overall ratios. The system will maintain ratio for total product throughput.

No restrictions on mounting adjacent to turns, valves or other pipe fittings.

Back Pressire
Pressure ad flow rates are not significantly affected.

Mounting Attitude
Units can be installed in vertical or horizontal lines. The output shaft on the fluid driver should be arranged in a horizontal position.


  • Positive displacement fluid motor
  • All steel housing
  • 150# flanges
  • Stainless Steel wetted parts on injector pump
  • On/Off Control valve
  • Adjustable "while running" calibration
  • Teflon elastomers
  • Stainless Steel injector manifold
  • Calibration Port
  • Built-in injection point with check valve
  • Instruction manual with calibration charts
  • Graduated calibration bottle
  • Factory loop tested to customer's specifications



  • Custom product line fittings
  • Suction Strainer
  • Suction sight flow indicator
  • 100% redundant back-up
  • All Stainless Steel enclosures
  • Remote control panel
  • Remote electronic controls
  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • Suction calibration gauge
  • Epoxy coated internals
  • Custom additive tanks
  • Multiple additive capability